Dentist in Moorestown Discusses the Best Option for Children's Toothpaste

That first tooth is cause for celebration! At the same time, it adds a new step to your bedtime routine. As soon as that first tooth erupts, it’s time to start brushing your child’s teeth with a soft-bristled, child-size toothbrush. It’s also time to pick out toothpaste for the first time. Choosing toothpaste for your child can seem overwhelming, but there’s really only a few important things you need to think about.
The ADA recommends the use of toothpaste with fluoride when brushing for all ages. The important thing to know is how much to use. The recommended amount for children under 3 is just a smear. Children should be closely supervised during brushing until old enough to spit or avoid accidentally swallowing or eating the toothpaste. You will be brushing your child’s teeth until they are a bit older. 
A good place to start would be in the children’s section of the oral care aisle in your local store. Children’s toothpaste is a better choice for young children because the ingredient list is simple and appropriate for young teeth and gums. 
Look for toothpaste with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Those products that have earned the seal have been tested for effectiveness and ingredients. 
Look for a kid-friendly flavor like strawberry or watermelon. Crest and Colgate both make easy to use formulations that are popular with young children. They’re a little easier for young mouths to handle than minty adult flavors. If you prefer a natural brand, Toms of Maine makes ADA approved toothpaste for children in various flavors as well. 
Things to Avoid
Harsh abrasives like phosphates and alumina can wear away the enamel on primary teeth. Choose an age appropriate formulation that is free of polishing and whitening ingredients.  
Foaming ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate can irritate tender cheeks and gums and cause mouth ulcers. Avoid toothpaste with this ingredient if you have sensitive skin or trouble with mouth sores.
Remember to look for toothpaste that’s age appropriate, in a flavor your child will like, with simple ingredients. You’ll be using it twice a day, every day, so it’s worth a little effort to find the right one. 
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