Moorestown Dentist Monthly Blogs

Monthly, your Moorestown NJ dentist Dr. Farid compiles blogs written on the topics of oral hygiene, prevention, maintenance, news and more to help enhance patient understanding and awareness. It is our belief that a more thorough understanding of these topics on our patient's behalves will help them in making the right choices for their own oral health while outside of our practice walls. 


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General Dentistry Topics

Keep Smiling: Why Dental Cleanings Matter

Easy Flossing Tips

• Qualities of an Excellent Family Dentist in Moorestown

3 Simple Dental Hygiene Tips from Your Dentist in Marlton, NJ

• The First Dental Visit

• Dental Tips for Your Teenager

• Financial Dental Tips

• Is Juice Bad for Teeth?

• Dental Tools You Can Use at Home

• Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

• Food Allergies and Your Mouth

• Remaining Cavity Free

• Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

• Choosing Toothpaste for Kids

• Are Your Brushing Too Hard?

• Top Reasons for Toothaches

• Checklist for Brushing Properly

• Importance of Family Dentistry

• Types of Dental Conditions to be Aware of

• Choosing Oral Rinses with Care

• Fight the Myths Harming Your Smile

• What are the Different Causes of Loose Teeth?

• History of Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

•  Choosing A Dentist


Cosmetic Dentistry Topics

Porcelain Crowns: A Smile's Best Friend?

The Magic of Dental Veneers

Tips From Your Cherry Hill, NJ Dentist: Is Invisalign the Best Choice for You?

• How Invisalign Works for Overbites

• Teeth Sensitivity After Zoom Whitening

Whiten Your Smile This Holiday

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Bridges


Advanced Dentistry Topics

Time to Dial the Emergency Dentist?

• Investing in Dental Implants

• Foods to Avoid With Braces

• What Is Malocclusion?

• When Teeth Removal is a Must

• Relieving Dental Anxiety

Are Dental Implants Right for You?