Dentist Near Cinnaminson NJ Shares Common Food Allergies

Food allergies affect many Americans and the symptoms are no fun. On top of being uncomfortable, you may also begin to notice some oral symptoms as well. Knowing what these signs are can help you to protect your health.
Food Allergy Basics
Food allergies occur when a food item causes your immune system to react to the foreign substance. This often leads to some of the following symptoms:
Breathing concerns
Weakened pulse
Skin discoloration
Abdominal cramps
Life-threatening breathing problems
On top of these, there are often some significant oral symptoms which include swelling of the tongue, difficulty swallowing and irritation of the mouth. You might even notice a tingling or itching sensation on the roof of your mouth or tongue. Some food allergies can even lead to swollen lips.
While not all of these symptoms is a clear-cut sign of a food allergy, they are important to be aware of.
Some of the common foods that cause oral allergies include:
Certain fruits such as bananas and berries
Vegetables like cucumbers or tomatoes
Sunflower seeds
Tree nuts
How a Dentist Helps
For many people, suffering mild symptoms from food allergies seem to go unnoticed. It is easy to attribute the complaints you have to other common concerns. If you fail to recognize that you struggle with food allergies, you are putting yourself in danger of discomfort and possible death.
Your dentist near Cinnaminson, NJ is equipped to screen your oral health for common concerns related to food allergies. During your biannual routine appointments, the dentist will examine your mouth and discuss any irregular symptoms you might experience. Your dietary habits will also be a topic of conversation. Based on the information you provide the dentist, they might be able to diagnose a potential food allergy for you. 
This helps you to avoid future irritation plus it improves your overall well-being. If you have a concern that some symptoms you experience are the result of food allergies, then it is time to make an appointment with your dentist. Erring on the side of caution is always wise especially when the consequences could be life-altering.