Moorestown, NJ Dentist Shares Difficult Foods For Braces

If you wear braces, you already know how important it is to take care of your smile. The choices you are making right now, affect the future of your teeth. That’s why you keep every appointment, floss once a day and brush your teeth after every meal. Were you aware that there are some foods you should also avoid while wearing braces?
Why You Need to Avoid Certain Foods
It’s easy to damage or break the wires and brackets when you wear braces. Most often, this occurs because of the foods you eat. On top of that, sticky foods often get caught between the wires and brackets which causes additional concerns.
Sugary foods won’t create immediate concerns, but they do encourage tooth decay. Considering that oral hygiene is more difficult while wearing braces, it’s advised that you avoid most sugary substances to prevent your teeth from decay.
Foods You Need to Avoid
While we don’t have a comprehensive list, here are some guidelines to follow:
Hard Foods – nuts, apples, carrots, ice, corn on the cob, hard candy, chips and breads that are difficult to chew.
Sugary Foods and Drinks – ice cream, candy, cookies, cake, pies, soda, Kool-Aid, Gatorade and ice tea.
Sticky Foods – toffee, Tootsie rolls, gum, caramels, licorice, Starburst and many other candies.
Most dentists also advise that you avoid bad habits which could create harm to the teeth. This includes smoking, chewing on objects and biting your nails.
Proper Oral Hygiene
On top of avoiding certain foods, you also need to make the proper time to care for your mouth.
Brush after every meal and before bedtime for two minutes each time
Floss once every day
Stay hydrated with water
Eat a balanced and nutritious diet
Visit your dentists as scheduled for checkups
With all of these tricks and tips, you are prepared to have a healthy, beautiful smile for years in the future. Always make decisions based on what is best for your mouth and body. If you have further questions regarding the care of your braces, simply speak with the Moorestown, NJ dentist at your next appointment.