Our Dentist near Marlton Explains the Benefits of Invisalign and Overbite Treatment

A smile, they say, speaks a thousand words. It is the smile that can attract, comfort, and befriend. However, when your smile is not what you're comfortable with sharing, it can cost you a huge chunk of your self-esteem.
What is an Overbite?
An overbite is when your upper teeth cover or “bite over” your lower teeth. While an overbite is not always a bad thing, a deep overbite might be cause for concern. Correcting an overbite is not always necessary, but it is highly recommended.
What Causes An Overbite?
- The bones that hold the upper teeth are overdeveloped;
- Bad oral practices like thumb-sucking, chewing or nibbling on things;
- Genetics
What Are the Effects of An Overbite?
Most overbites are not something to worry about. However, they could cause insecurities and certain self-esteem issues. Large overbites might also cause:
- Teeth wearing;
- Pain in the jaws;
- Difficulties in chewing;
- Cause damages in the joints of the jaws
How to Fix an Overbite
An overbite could be treated in one of many methods like surgery, braces, or the use of Invisalign. Invisalign is the least intrusive and the least painful treatment among the many.
How Does Invisalign Work?
Invisalign works in a relatively similar fashion as traditional braces. After getting an x-ray, taking photos, and dental impressions of your teeth, the Invisalign laboratory will create an aligner that will straighten your teeth, provided that you follow the schedule your orthodontist will give you.
Normally, an Invisalign should be worn at least twenty-two hours a day and should be changed and updated every couple of weeks throughout the entire straightening process. You also have to visit Dr. Maliha often so she can keep track of the progress of your teeth.
With diligent wearing and following the instructions of Dr. Maliha, you can ensure that you can have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. For more knowledge about Invisalign and overbites, check with Dr. Ghina Maliha, our dentist near Marlton NJ.