Family Dentist in Moorestown NJ Talks about Fluoride for Your Children's Smile

There is quite a bit of hype and questions parents have regarding fluoride in toothpaste. Here, we can take all the information, and come up with a no nonsense scientific answer for you to understand. Fluoride is a necessary mineral that the body needs. You take in fluoride through tap water, some bottled or filtered water, toothpaste, mouth wash, and even a lot of foods you eat.
What fluoride does is when it is taken in, it remineralizes your teeth, and combats the acids, sugars, and bacteria that work to break down your enamel. Think of it as putting on a protective coating over a piece of wood. Over time, water will enter wood, and rot it from the inside out. If you put a protective coating on it, it works to repel the moisture, or the bad things that will make the wood rot, and so does fluoride with your teeth. 
Why Is It Potentially Dangerous for My Kids?
In reality, fluoride isn’t dangerous for your kids. As said before, it is an essential mineral that the body needs, even for little ones. What has been tested as dangerous, is the levels of fluoride that a child must consume for problems to occur. Keep in mind, that a child must consume an extreme amount of toothpaste for these problems to occur. 
What Problems Occur with Fluoride Ingestion?
Kids like the taste of toothpaste, so when they brush, they swallow it. Toothpaste isn’t a food, and can make their tummy hurt. If your child is brushing their teeth, and consuming toothpaste daily, problems like tooth discoloration, stomach problems, mild toxicity, and skin rashes may occur. These problems are far and few between though. If parents monitor their child’s oral hygiene habits, these problems will never occur. For really little ones, getting a fluoride free toothpaste is best to use. Getting something that they can swallow and digest easily will be good for them. They simply do not know that they need to spit. 
Kids that know how to spit and can effectively communicate with their parents can use products with fluoride. If they don’t eat it. If parents monitor their children, these problems will never happen, and kids will have a happy and healthy mouth. 
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