08057 Dentist Discusses Ways to Battle Against Dental Anxiety

While few people look forward to heading to their dentist appointments, there are some that experience crippling anxiety when the time comes. In fact, many adults will skip the appointments that they desperately need due to the fear. There are steps you can take to relieve this anxiety.
What is Dental Anxiety?
Some people face severe symptoms when heading to the dental chair. These can range in severity depending on the person, but can include:
Losing sleep
Worrying excessively
Avoiding dental visits
Upset stomach
Overcoming Dental Anxiety
There are many steps you can take to overcome your fears:
Communication – It is essential that you share your concerns with the dentist. If you are feeling anxious, you need to share this so your dentist can help you to feel more comfortable. If your dentist is unwilling to help, it might be time to look for a new professional.
Set up Signals – Arrange ahead of time with your dentist to use a hand signal if you need them to stop. This will give you the chance to have power over your treatment and feel comfortable knowing that you can have a break.
Distraction – Some dentist’s offices will provide video glasses to watch a movie or headphones to listen to music. Any distraction that is available will help you to relieve anxiety.
Sedation – While novocaine will help to relieve the physical pain, there are other methods to alleviate emotional pain. You can talk to your dentist about options regarding medications, nitrous oxide or even general anesthesia to help you get through the procedures.
Don’t Avoid Visits – The longer you prolong a visit, the more treatment you might need. Your best bet is to always go for your bi-yearly check-ups and practice good oral health. The better you take care of your mouth, the less likely you are to need treatments that can cause fear.
Remember that your 08057 dentist is there to serve your needs. You should always be able to communicate and discuss your fears openly with your dentist. Once you’ve been honest, they can help you formulate a path that will move you out of anxiety and back on the path of optimal dental health.