Tips From Your Cherry Hill, NJ Dentist: Is Invisalign the Best Choice for You?   


Do you want straighter teeth and a smile you feel proud of showing off, but not the hassle of traditional metal braces? Then, Invisalign may be an excellent choice for you.  


Only about 35 percent of adults have well-aligned front teeth, meaning you’re not alone in wanting an improvement. Invisalign can be a great alternative to braces, especially if you already experienced them as a teenager.   


With this in mind, keep reading to learn why you might be an optimal Invisalign candidate!   


You’re Concerned About Appearances  


One of the main concerns with straightening your teeth as an adult is the way braces look. Although people shouldn’t judge, you might still feel uncomfortable in noticeable metal braces.   


Invisalign is a great alternative because it can be as effective as braces if you consistently wear your aligners. Even better, since the aligners are clear, they’ll be far less visible on your teeth—most people won’t even notice that you have them on. 


If you have a big presentation or meeting, you also have the option of taking them off.   


You’re Disciplined  


If you’re dedicated to straight teeth and a beautiful smile in the least amount of time possible, Invisalign can help you achieve this goal. However, it requires more discipline than braces because you can take them off.   


Invisalign needs to be worn for 22 hours each day, leaving just enough time to take them off for three meals and your dental hygiene routine. Of course, you’ll want to avoid eating or drinking sugary drinks once they’re in.   


You Want More Flexibility  


When you get braces, you have to avoid certain foods to reduce the chances of a bracket breaking. Here are just some of the foods you’ll have to avoid:   


  • Nuts  

  • Popcorn  

  • Hard candy  

  • Crunchy vegetables  

  • Apples  

  • Gum  

  • Corn on the cob  

  • And more  


However, you won’t have to avoid these foods with Invisalign because you can take the trays out during meals. Since you can take them out while you brush your teeth, you’ll also have an easier time keeping your teeth and gums healthy.   


Your Cherry Hill, NJ Dentist Can Help You Decide  


If you’re still not sure if Invisalign is the right treatment option for you, your dentist should be able to give you good guidance.


Schedule a consultation with them to go over your dental goals, issues you’ve experienced in the past, and your questions and concerns about Invisalign. They’ll determine if your dental case is treatable with Invisalign and let you know if you’re a good candidate.   


Ready for a consultation? As a quality Cherry Hill, NJ dentist team, we’re proud to provide top-quality dentistry for our patients.


Not only that, but our friendly and welcoming staff helps to make everyone feel comfortable, especially if you have anxieties about going to the dentist.   


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