Cherry Hill NJ Dentist Discusses Dental Conditions to be Aware Of

Most people indulges their sweet tooth every now and then. However, the repercussion of frequently eating sweets and not caring for their teeth afterward have made a large number of sweet lovers suffer. The realization that the teeth can impact their overall health came too late. To avoid suffering painfully, here are the top dental conditions that your Cherry Hill NJ dentist wants a sweets lover to be wary of.


Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the common dental conditions that can happen to anyone. It is sometimes called dental carries while others refer to it as cavities. The said condition occurs as a result of bacteria settling in one's tooth plaques over time. Carefully brushing the teeth before the bacteria settles in is a good way to prevent tooth decay. However, if cavities have already settled in, the only solution would be to patch the affected tooth with fillings.


Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is also one of the common oral problems that people suffer from. If the mouth lacks enough saliva, the teeth and gums won't receive the necessary lubrication and moisture. Moreover, the mouth will be deprived of the natural antibacterial properties of the saliva. If dryness persists, expect parched and uncomfortable sensations as well as the development of cavities and decay.


Root Infection

Unrepaired cavity or fracture on the tooth can be a haven for bacteria to thrive. When bacteria fills up the root of the tooth, the nerves and inner pulp tissues will get damaged. If the condition becomes severe, symptoms such as sore facial swellings can be observed. The only treatment for this severe condition is a lengthy and complex root canal treatment.


Gum Disease

Medically called periodontitis, gum disease is a bacterial infection eating away at the ligaments and tissues of the gums. The said infection has five stages. While still in the first two stages, good dental care routine can help reverse the condition. When it reaches the third and fourth stage, the treatment will become a bit more difficult to treat. In case your gums start bleeding, don't waste time and consult Dr. Maliha immediately.


Don't let your sweet tooth get the best of your smile! Brushing, flossing, and visiting our dentist near Cherry Hill for routine cleanings can strengthen your teeth and gums much faster and more efficiently than you may realize. Call Maliha Dental at (856) 222-3445 to schedule your appointment today.